Posted on December 21, 2016

In the late 1780’s God radically redefined the Church’s vision and understanding of corporate prayer. It all started when a handful of young British ministers resurrected a 40 year old prayer strategy called the “Concert of Prayer” movement. The main premise for this prayer call was outlined in a little book by Jonathan Edwards entitled “A HUMBLE ATTEMPT to promote an explicit agreement and visible union of God's people through the world, in extraordinary PRAYER, for the REVIVAL of religion, and the advancement of Christ's kingdom on earth.” Mr. Edwards’ dream of a united and praying Church was suddenly being reignited in the hearts of a whole new generation. This little book with the BIG title was soon reprinted and widely circulated among ministers on both sides of the Atlantic. Pastors throughout America warmly embraced the challenge and began to pray for revival together on the same day of each month.