Rediscovering our Nation's Roots of United Prayer

For almost 100 years, pastors and church members set aside a specific day to fervently pray and intercede for America’s college campuses. The churches of our nation united and earnestly prayed together for God to awaken and capture the hearts of their sons and daughters. You can help our nation re-discover and re-launch this historic day of prayer for America’s colleges. The Collegiate Day of Prayer gives each local church a strategic opportunity to re-kindle and re-sow the historic seeds of revival and awakening into the college campuses of today.

Will you allow God to use your church on this special day of prayer?

Inviting Others

Below are some resources and ideas to consider that will engage your church on this special day.

  • Announce the CDOP & show the promo video at your church service.
  • Put the CDOP in your church announcements and calendar.
  • Organize a special CDOP church event or prayer meeting on the last Thursday of February.
  • Email your congregation to visit the CDOP website and adopt a campus.
  • Share about CDOP on church facebook and twitter pages.
  • Use CDOP web banners on church website.

If your church hasn’t already registered and adopted a campus in prayer, please click here.